Bainbridge Island Tree Climbing


This is the ultimate canopy experience. Participants have the chance to ascend 200ft into the canopy overlooking the landscape, full of mountains and wildlife. To achieve those gorgeous heights we use a rope based climbing systems and other really cool climbing techniques like mechanical ascending and rappelling!



Alert, the season for canopy tree climbing located on Bainbridge Island has ended early because of circumstance out of our control. If you already bought an adventure voucher there are three options for you.


The 3 options are..


1. Make reservations for next season, starting July 4th. Even if your voucher expires before next season, we are honoring all vouchers purchased summer 2014 in the summer season of 2015. If you would like to make a reservation starting July 4th we can certainly do that. Email us at with your dates of interest.


2. Alternatively if you want to use your canopy climbing voucher instead for rock climbing in Northern Washington, Anacortes or Bellingham we would be willing to make that exchange, Climbing season is available until end of November.


3. If you don’t want to wait till next season you can get a full refund by going to your voucher center or by contacting your customer support directly phone or email. Or if you purchased directly through us and want a refund, contact us directly by email or phone.


Thank you for your understanding and we hope to climb with you all soon.





Who Can Do This?
What Other People Say About This

Almost Anyone! We invite the most amateur climbers and all adventure-seekers. There are a few restrictions like age and medical conditions that might prohibit a climbing adventure. You must be at least 8 years old and if you have any medical condition that could possibly effect the adventure you must let your guide know. Also while we do not have any size restrictions we cannot guarantee that someone who is considered "overweight, plus size" will be able to do everything and for some their physical ability may limit them.

Below are a few examples of words we often get coming out of peoples mouths after tree climbing with us. We dare you try this experience and not say something likes this, its not possible!


How Difficult Is Tree Climbing?


Whats included?

Its pretty easy once our guides setup everything. No experience and little instruction is required before each person quickly starts to scuttle up the tree.


We use a climbing system from rock climbing that is both easy to use and foolproof. If something does go wrong, a emergency, or maybe just a misapplication by the climber. Don't worry, the equipment is designed to stop or save you automatically and is redundant.


For the prices below a half day of tree climbing or about 4 hours is included. Transportation from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal to the climbing site is offered. 


Participants will get the chance to ascend and rappel from trees 200ft tall. Learning is easy and open to all ages and sizes.