Canopy Tree Climbing

This is the ultimate canopy tree climbing experience. Participants will ascend 200ft on douglas fir trees into the canopy overlooking the landscape, Olympic mountains and wildlife. This half day four hour incredibly unique experience is something you haven’t done, but must do! 


Canopy Tree Climbing

Don’t deprive yourself of this amazing and unique experience. This is your chance to do something not even .1% of the population has done, but you can, for only $95 per person!


This is a half day experience located on Bainbridge Island. We climb on multiple trees, between 150 and +200 feet high. Depending on the group and the climbers' ability, you will ascend one or two trees.


Canopy climbing can be physically and mentally challenging for some. We suggest all participants bring snacks and water, besides, eating in trees is fun. Also wear athletic clothes and athletic shoes. All other equipment will be provided.  

The canopy tree climbing experience is a progression. You will start first by receiving all of your equipment, followed by safety talks, learning about the equipment, learn how to use the equipment to climb and then start climbing!  We keep it simple and easy to make sure you are having fun, learning and especially safe.


$95 Per Person


Groups of 4 or more are $80 per person

Sunset Canopy Climb

This is canopy climbing with an added twist. At 6pm we start the adventure and we finish by watching the sunset while at the very top of the canopy. At the end of the sunset everything is pitch black and we are down climbing with head lamps in the dark.


This night time canopy climb is a tad bit more adventurous than canopy climbing in the day and requires a little more gear. However, watching the sun fall over the Olympic Mountains and enjoying the sunset from the top of the canopy is rare and an extremely unique experience. On a good day, the sunsets from the canopy view are absolutely stunning. 


Because we will be climbing at night bringing extra layers of clothes is highly recommended and bringing snacks and drinks is also advised. Because this is Washington State and overcast is a possibility, we cannot always guarantee a spectacular sunset, but we can guarantee a crazy adventure. 

$115 Per Person


Groups of 4 or more are $95 per person

How Do You Get Here?

The property where we do canopy tree climbing is located on Holly Farm Lane, Bainbridge Island. Go all the way down Holly Farm Lane, until the road turns into a dirt road. Just before the end of the road, there will be a sign on the left pointing you to our parking area, reservations are required to climb. To get to Bainbridge Island from downtown Seattle, you will have to take a ferry from the Seattle Ferry Terminal (801 Alaskan Way Pier 52, Seattle, WA 98104).


There are three climbing options per day unless you have special reservations. 8:30am, 1pm or the 6pm sunset climbs. To arrive on the island at the correct time see the time schedule below corresponding to your reservation time. Please remember these times are when the ferries leave the dock. You should always arrive at least 15m early to make sure you catch the ferry on time. We do not take responsibility for missed ferries or give refunds because of missed ferries.


Also, if you want to walk onto the ferry we offer free pick-ups from the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal to the climbing destination and back to the ferry. The ferry ride is cheap and enjoyable in and of itself.

Reservation Time 8:30 am 1 pm 6 pm
Required Ferry 7:55 am 12:20 pm 5:30 pm

Excited to Climb? We are too! How to make a reservation

You can make a reservation by email or phone. You can even go to our contact page and send us an email directly from this site. To make a reservation you only need to include the info below in an email or voice message to us.

  • Name of the party

  • Phone #

  • Email

  • Do you need a pick-up at the ferry terminal?

  • Date you are interested in.

  • What time you want to climb at.

  • How many people are in your party?

  • How do you want to pay (Cash, Check, Card or Voucher Number?)


When we schedule you, you will receive a confirmation email with some forms. You will need to electronically sign these forms and email them back or bring them with you. It is as easy as that! See you in the trees!

How Difficult Is Tree Climbing?
Who Can Do This?

Canopy tree climbing is more technical than it is physically difficult and because of that almost anyone can climb! No experience is necessary and we can teach all skills required in a short amount of time so each person can start climbing. We invite the most amateur climbers and all adventure-seekers. There are a few restrictions like age and medical conditions that might prohibit a climbing adventure. The age limit is 8 years old, but exceptions always apply on a case by case basis. if you have any medical condition that could possibly affect the adventure you must let us know. Also while we do not have any size restrictions we cannot guarantee that someone who is considered "overweight, fluffy or plus size" will be able to do everything and for some their physical ability may limit them.


However, we have had +300 lb and 75-year -old people climb with us before amazingly well. In this case we can say there is definitely no harm in trying and perhaps not trying this experience could be the most harmful! 

Medical Issues, Injuries and Health Problems

Cancelation Policy

We require people to cancel three days in advanced, to receive a full refund or to reschedule without any fees. If you need to cancel or reschedule within those 3 days we charge a $10 fee per person.

We also do not climb in heavy rain or wind. The guide will make a decision and let parties known if we have to cancel because of unsafe weather conditions, but a little rain and wind is ok.

Most medical issues will not prohibit you from climbing and it is our goal to get anyone up into the trees. However you must notify and consult with us of any medical problems you have so we can make an assessment. There are different equipment and techniques that can be used to accommodate people with many medical conditions.

Is Canopy Tree Climbing Safe?

Since the founding of recreational tree climbing, sometime in 1980’s, there have been no known serious accidents or death from recreational tree climbing in more than 30 years with proper equipment and protocols. Simply stated, recreational tree climbing is amazingly safe. As long as you follow the basic rules and have the right equipment, tree climbing is far safer than most daily activities like riding a bike.


It is the goal of our tree climbing program to go above and beyond the standards. For example, the American National Standards Institute has requirements that arborist rope have a minimum breaking strength of 5000 pounds, while all of our ropes are rated to at least 6,000-12,000 pounds of breaking strength. All of our climbing systems and anchors are also redundant, except for the rope, which is also an extra and uncommon safety feature of only our program. 

Techniques and Climbing Methods

We use a technique called “single rope technique” (SRT). A single rope is anchored to the trunk of a tree by a bight at the end of the rope.  We then climb the end of a rope using mechanical ascenders. The technique to ascend is originally called Jumaring named after the Swiss inventor of the first popular mechanical ascending device, called Jumars used for rock climbing. These devices are now mostly called ascenders. This same system is applied to canopy tree climbing and is usually called ascending, jugging or Texas-kick. In this system you inch yourself slowly, safely and easily up the rope using mostly leg strength.


The reason we use the SRT and not another popular technique called double rope

technique (DRT) is because SRT is much simpler. We believe the simplicity of SRT makes it safer and easier to teach. DRT has moving ropes, requires tying special knots and often more equipment. Because DRT has more factors, we believe there is more possiblity for something to go wrong and therefore SRT is the safer and easier to manage of two systems.


Everyone will learn how to use the equipment and climb with their equipment but during the climb participants can only change equipment under direct supervision and permission of guides. If equipment needs to be changed or moved around while climbing, the guides themselves will do itt 99% of the time for safety reasons.

You’re afraid of heights?

Environmental and Tree Conciseness  

Good, because that is the proper response! But what is important is not to let that fear control you. Most of our guides who have 20+ years of tree climbing and rock climbing experience will still tell you they still feel that fear of heights and it would be unnatural not to feel that way. It is important to understand your body’s survival response to heights but not let it determine your actions.


Tree climbing is one of the best ways to overcome that fear of heights. Because, tree climbing is very safe and far safer than rock climbing, easier and you are also in full control the whole time which gives a great feeling of comfort. No matter how afraid of heights you are, we will slowly work with you to achieve the level of success you want.

Even though our main goal is the safety of people, we care deeply for the trees and environment too. We make sure our tree climbing practices and techniques do no harm to the trees. We have no rope that runs over the trees and no anchors that dig into trees. In addition, we do routine checkups on the trees to make sure they are safe, healthy and not being damaged.


There is also a lot of wildlife that live in the trees. As climbers we need to remember we are in their home and respect their space. Because of that we check all the trees we climb in and do not climb in any trees with inhabitants. 

When is Canopy Tree Climbing Season?

What Other People Say About Canopy Climbing

The canopy climbing season is usually from mid-spring, about May, until the end of fall in November. This climbing season is very dependent on weather. As soon as the weather becomes mostly rainy and windy the season stops for safety reasons and as soon as the weather becomes enjoyable and safe we start the new season.


The openings and closings of the tree climbing season is stated on the home and tree climbing page of this website.

Below are a few examples of words we often get coming out of people’s mouths after tree climbing with us. We dare you try this experience and not say stuff like this, it’s not possible!

  • The experience is like no other

  • It's a thrill!

  • This was nothing but amazing

  • I loved it!

  • So unique!

  • This  connects you with nature like nothing else!