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AdventureTerra LLC was started in 2012 by Leo Rosen-Fischer. Leo's parents and grandparents come from a long line of Swiss mountaineers and rock climbers. The company has allowed Leo to share his love of nature and climbing to a larger audience.

Leo also has a Masters in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. He provides clinical nutrition services, and is working towards opening a non-profit restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Check out his nutrition website! 


When not climbing you will find Leo playing board/video games, dancing bachat and swing, sailing, and traveling.  



Safety is at the core of our business. We outfit climbers with mandatory helmets, harnesses, safety glasses, foot holds and ascenders, all of which meet international climbing standards of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). We  comply with Tree Climber's International standards. 


Since the founding of recreational tree climbing in early 1980’s, there have been no known serious accidents or death from recreational tree climbing in more than 30 years with proper equipment, protocols, and while under supervision of an instructor. Simply stated, recreational tree climbing is amazingly safe. As long as you follow the basic rules, protocols and have the right equipment, tree climbing is far safer than most daily activities like riding a bike. That being said, like an recreational activity, there is always the chance for injury, so we ask you to work with us and always follow our instructions and listen carefully.


It is the goal of our tree climbing program to go above and beyond the standards. For example, the American National Standards Institute has requirements that arborist rope have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds, while all of our ropes are rated to at least 6,000-12,000 pounds of breaking strength.


We are currently hiring for tree canopy climbing and rock climbing guides for our upcoming season. If you would like more information about positions please email

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