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February 2022

Masks are no longer required legally for outside activities in Washington State, we will not be enforcing mask use. If you would like our instructor to wear a mask please request. We would be happy to wear a mask to make you feel more comfortable, no problem. We have hand sanitizer regularly available for clients and equipment is sanitized between use. All instructors and guides are vaccinated.

Maintaining social distance is a natural occurrence with our activities.

May 18th, 2021

AdventureTerra no longer offers free private groups. Hand sanitizer is available for all participants, equipment is sanitized between groups. Masks are currently still required by Washington State unless you are vaccinated.

If you are not vaccinated we will ask you to wear a mask when you are within 6 feet of other participants or instructors. Most of time people can climb more than 6 feet apart and we will not require people to wear a mask while climbing when distances can be kept.


July 10, 2020

Free private groups have come to the end. Island county is entering phase 3 of re-opening and from now on we will continue taking our normal size groups between 4-12 people per group. If you would like a private group, you will have to book a private group which is an extra $200. 

Bring a face mask is required. Instructors will wear a face mask whenever we get closer than 6 feet. During climbing, participants are naturally often more than 10 feet away from each other and we will not require participants to wearing a facemask while climbing in the great outdoors.



May 28th, 2020


AdventureTerra's classes and experiences are open and taking reservations. Our operation locations have entered phase 2 of reopening. In an effort to help social distancing practices we are continuing to offer free private groups until end of June, $200 savings!! When making a reservation, skip checking the private group box, and we will automatically schedule you as a private group from our end.

In Phase 2, reservations and groups of mixed households are allowed, with a
maximum of 8 households and a maximum of 12 individuals in a group. Groups sizes bigger than 6 people will be split into 2 smaller groups to help maintain social distancing during the Washington State Phased approach to reopening.

Unless you are part of a larger group we will give you a private group for free until end of June.

We also added a few new climbing systems that now allows all participants to tree climb regardless of physical ability, age, or disabilities, ask us about our power ascenders.

Other Additional Policy Changes

Maintain 6 feet of space

-Almost all of our climbing practices and trainings can be done with 6 feet of spacing and in fact most of the time during climbing we naturally keep that distance anyways during normal operations. We will change our procedures to accommodate maintaining this distance at all time when possible.

-Sine we are climbing, there is a possibility for safety reasons we might need to get closer than 6 feet very infrequently. If that is the case we will make sure that our instructors wear a mask when they need to come within 6 feet of clients.


Sanitation and social distance plan. 

Sanitization procedures like cleaning of area, frequent cleaning of common-touched surfaces and social distancing practices. 


Free hand sanitizer for before and after the activity for all clients and staff.

There are two points in our activity where we would get closer than 6 feet but we can easily modify to allow for more space with . Those times including putting on and taking off equipment and changing out different equipment while climbing for descent. For putting on and off equipment we can just pre-set that equipment so it will be ready for clients to put it on or we can give more instruction from a distance. When changing equipment while climbing we can just have clients do it with additional instruction from the instructors or have the instructors wear a mask if clients are unable to do it themselves. We already have a supply of masks for our employees. While climbing, maintaining 6 feet of distance is natural to the sport anyways.


Equipment used by participants will be cleaned after use and quarantined for 3 days before use again by the next participants. 


Since our operations are almost entirely outside there are very little shared surfaces with clients unlike most other business operations. The only shared surfaces would be climbing equipment that clients would use which we can clean and quarantine for 3 days after use until next participants use them.


How AdventureTerra specific concession falls under the Governor’s guidelines with limited modifications to business model.   We are able to do all the social distancing requirements for phase 2. Group sizes are usually less than 4 people anyways but we will make sure all group sizes are going to be under the phase 2 requirements. I will also make sure groups are only composed of nuclear family or party members until end of June or phase 3.


We are providing free private groups free of additional charge as an extra service until end of June. We can pre-fit harnesses so we do not need to get close to people to put their equipment on and give them instruction from a distance. While climbing, maintaining 6 feet of distance is natural to the sport anyways. Equipment used by participants will be cleaned after use and quarantined for 3 days before use again by the next participants. 



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