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On Lopez Island


Tree Canopy Climbing  -Intro 

4 Hours Long, Start Times 9am or 1:30pm

Located on Lopez Island, experience climbing giant old-growth and trees with amazing views 100-200ft high, in this intro experience designed for everyone. Recreational tree climbing, also known as canopy climbing, is an unforgettable experience. Open to almost anyone, this class, adventure, and experience is something will leave you with unforgettable memories. Come explore unique and rare ecology with us!


Don’t deprive yourself of this amazing and unique experience. This is your chance to try something not even 0.001% of the population has done.


Per Person



Sunset canopy climb

4 Hours, Start Time 6pm, variable based on sunset times.

Same as the day introductory tree climbing except this includes catching a sunset from a unique perspective at the top of the canopy + night climbing! No experience necessary. Ages 8+


Participants will learn the same basics as the day introductory tree canopy climb, except we start the adventure late afternoon and finish watching the sunset from the perspective at the top of the canopy. At the end of the sunset everything may be dark and we are rappelling with head lamps.


Per Person



Tree Climbing

2.5 Days

In a two and a half day course, do you want to learn to canopy tree climb yourself? Maybe you have some awesome trees on your property you would like to climb? Or maybe try your hand at climbing in parks and upcoming programs with this fast-developing sport.


This two and half day course will teach you the basics and leave you with a strong foundation of skills and experience to branch off on your own tree climbing experiences.


Per Person


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Attire and supplies
Sunset CC
CC academy

Tree Canopy Climbing

This is a half day experience located on Lopez Island. We climb as a group on multiple trees, between 100 and 200 feet high. Some of the trees we will be climbing are giant old-growth trees. Depending on the group and the climbers' ability, you will ascend one - four trees. Climbing hundreds of feet up in Coastal Douglas Fir Trees offers a gorgeous perspective and a view few have ever seen.

Tree canopy climbing can be physically and mentally challenging for some. We have battery power ascenders available so people of all ages and physical abilities can tree climb. Ferry tickets to Lopez Island are not included. We also suggest all participants bring snacks and water, it is also just fun eating in trees too. Also wear athletic clothes, long pants that cover ankles, and athletic shoes. All other equipment will be provided. The tree canopy climbing experience is a progression. You will start first by receiving all of your equipment, followed by safety talks, learning about the equipment, learning how to use the equipment, and then you will start climbing!  We keep it simple and easy to make sure you are having fun, learning and especially staying safe.

If you need lodging accommodations  please contact us for options.

Lopez + Seattle.png

Times & Location

  • Start times for our tree climbing experiences/classes are....

    • Everyday at 9 am, 1:30 pm, and 6pm.

    • Reservations and 12 hour advanced bookings required.

  • We are located on Lopez Island in the archipelago of the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The San Juan Islands are one of the most gorgeous places in the United States which is one of the reasons why they are designed a National Monument. Lopez is consider the Jewel of San Juan Islands.​

  • The meeting location is Summer Time Lane, Lopez Island, WA 98261. Signs will be posted to direct you to parking once you arrive.

  • You must take the ferry boat to get to Lopez Island. You can drive or walk on. Enjoy the ride, it is beautiful and one of the best parts about visiting the San Juan Islands. Additional Ferry directions are below.

  • Sunset climbs and the Canopy Climbing Academy can have variable start times. We will be in contact.

  • If you have any questions, give us a call at (206) 914-8613

Ferry Info


  • You must take a ferry boat to get to Lopez Island. Its a gorgeous scenic ferry boat ride and part of the fun! The ferry ride itself is worth the visit.

    • You catch the ferry at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, about 1.5 hours from Seattle.

    • You can get to the ferry terminal by car or by public transportation.

    • You can only buy your ticket once you arrival at the ferry terminal, ferry tickets are around trip.

    • For the ferry schedule Click Here

    • You can choose to drive onto the ferry with your car or walk onto the ferry.

    • If you walk onto the ferry, we can pick you up at the Lopez Island Ferry Terminal and drop you back off. You must let us know if you want this service, its free.

  • We recommend you get to the ferry terminal at least 45m early and make a reservation if possible, if you are driving on.

    • Reservations for the ferry can be made during certain times of the year at this website link. Click Here

    • Reservations are free, unless you miss your reservation. Otherwise they will charge you a no-show fee.

    • Ferry reservations are only for driving on.

    • You must arrive 45m early if you have a reservation otherwise you lose your reservation. 

  • We understand ferries can run late, get cancelled, and that humans miss ferries, but do not worry. We will accommodate you. It is more ideal if you can come over to Lopez Island the day before your experience, but not necessary.

Want a pick-up? How will we know when to pick you up?

If you want a pick-up you must let us know, by directly sending us a message that you want a pick-up and what ferry you plan to catch. Before your experience date, if we know you want a pick-up, we will be in contact via the phone number you provided and ask you what ferry you plan to catch to coordinate with you.

Tree climbing the same day you take the ferry?

Based on your booked tree climbing experience you need to catch a ferry to arrive at our location on time, if you are tree climbing the same day. Keep in mind that it takes about 15m to drive to our location from the Lopez Island ferry terminal. Otherwise we recommend you come a day early, relax, and stay a night on Lopez Island before your experience.

For the ferry schedule Click Here

Photo Credit WSF, Lopez Island terminal sunny weather dolphin.JPG

Photo Credit Washington State Ferries

Lopez Tree Climbing.png

Photo Credit Washington State Ferries

Tree Climbing Lady.jpg


& Difficulty

  • Participants must be 8 years of age or older. Minors require a consent form. There is no experience required!

  • Tree canopy climbing is open to everyone of all physical abilities, strength or disabilities.

  • The tree climbing technique we teach is a foot-loop hand ascender method. You are basically doing squats. So if you can comfortably do full body squats, you can probably do this activity. 

  • Participants who believe they do not have the physical ability/strength to climb with the manual hand/foot ascenders will have the option to purchase a battery power ascender, to climb to the top of the canopy. $75 extra per person. We recommend considering this option for people who are considered obese or overweight.

  • This activity is not similar to zip-lining

  •  If you have any medical condition that could possibly affect the adventure you must let us know. We will try to accommodate all participants as much as possible.

  • If you are afraid of heights we want to work with you to overcome your fear. Tree climbing is a better activity than rock climbing if you have a fear of heights.

  • Please call (206) 914-8613 with any questions

Attire & Supplies

  • Please wear long pants that cover the ankles and high socks. Closed-toe athletic shoes or hiking boots work best.

  • Clothing may encounter tree sap which is difficult to remove. So please wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty or damaged.

  • Wearing layers that allow you to regulate temperature better.

  • In the winter, early spring, and fall months it can be cold, so please bring more layers than you think you need. You can always take off layers, but you can't add any you didn't bring.

  • We recommend you bring a reusable water bottle, and snacks to enjoy at the top of the canopy

  • Binoculars, cameras, and phones can also be used once in a secure location during the experience. We are not liable for any personal camera equipment that is damaged during our activities.

IMG_6220 (1).JPG

Sunset Canopy Climbing

This night time canopy climb is a tad bit more adventurous than tree climbing in the day and requires a little more gear. However, watching the sun fall over the canopy and enjoying the sunset from the top of the canopy is rare and an extremely unique experience. On a good day, the sunsets from the canopy view are absolutely stunning. Watching gold, purple, pink drop over the mountains and ocean from the top of the canopy is like nothing else.


Because we will be climbing at night bringing extra layers of clothes is highly recommended. Snacks and drinks are also advised and a good addition to the sunset show. Because we do not have connections with weather gods, overcast sky is a possibility. We cannot guarantee certain weather, but we can guarantee a crazy fun adventure with great views.


Multi-Day Tree
Climbing Course

You will gain knowledge and apply that knowledge in the field, practicing everything you need to know to get up into any size tree and come back down safely. We will go over many different types of gear, climbing techniques and you will have personal instruction from our professional staff every step of the way. 

This class is very customizable and often requires you to contact us directly to make a booking.



There will always be risks associated with any recreational activity, tree climbing is no different. But safety is at the core of our business. We outfit climbers with mandatory helmets, harnesses, safety glasses, foot holds and ascenders, all of which meet international climbing standards of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA).  


Since the founding of "recreational tree" climbing, sometimes considered in 1980’s, there have been no known serious accidents or deaths from recreational tree climbing in more than 30 years with proper equipment, protocols, and while under supervision of an instructor. Simply stated, recreational tree climbing is statistically safer than a lot of other outdoor activities. As long as you follow the basic rules, protocols and have the right equipment, tree climbing is far safer than most daily activities like riding a bike or driving in a car.


It is the goal of our tree climbing program to constantly strive for safety and do better. For example, the American National Standards Institute has requirements that arborist rope have a minimum breaking strength of 5000 pounds, while all of our ropes are rated to at least 6,000-12,000 pounds of breaking strength. Most of our climbing systems and anchors are also redundant, which is an extra and uncommon safety feature of our program. 


Our Tree Climbing at Silver Falls program cares deeply about the natural world.  We show this with both our actions and our words. The company adopts the trails we use, cleaning and helping to maintain them. We have also instituted a litter removal program that exchanges trashed picked up in the park for a discounted climb.  We offer anyone $5 off per piece of trash collected.

Our programs could not exist without incredible old-growth trees that are now rare because of logging and human deforestation. We care deeply about the need to protect them. During the experience we teach about the important ecology of old-growth forest, their connection to preventing forest fires, and the specific animals or plants that depend on them. Our operation is non-invasive to the trees, nothing ever goes into the trees, no screw, nails, or bolts.

Tree Planting
Lopez Island sky view_edited.jpg

Cancellation Policy

  • We require three day advanced notice to cancel or reschedule. If within three days, no cancellations are allowed, only rescheduling. A rescheduling fee applies that is equal to the expenses incurred by AdventureTerra LLC or at the least $50. No rescheduling fee for weather related issues.

  • We climb in light rain and light wind. We do not climb in heavy rain, heavy wind, or any signs of lightning/thunder.

  • It is sometimes impossible for the guides to determine if a weather cancellation is necessary until the very last moment.

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