Prices and Adventures

“We don’t seek adrenaline to cheat death, we encounter it while exploring life.”
Intro to Rock Climbing $165 Per Person


Our most popular adventure and great value. This is a great option for kids and any adults. If your just trying rock climbing for the first time or you started in a rock gym and want to try the outdoors this is for you. There is something here for everyone, routes can be as easy as climbing a playground or for those who want push their limits we have something in mind for you too. Learn More HERE!


Canopy Tree Climbing $95 Per Person


Recreational tree climbing, also known as canopy climbing or as we like to call it, Canopy Tree Climbing, is an unforgettable amazing experience and a fast growing sport. Open to almost anyone, this is something everyone should experience. This adventure gives a sense of freedom, power and connectivity to nature like nothing else.


Bainbridge Island only a 30-45m ferry ride from Seattle has some of the tallest trees in the world. Climbing 20 stories up in Coastal Douglas Fir Trees offers a shocking perspective and a view few have ever seen.


Gorgeous sights of the Olympics, Puget Sound and wildlife are a few of the many things to see. In this course you will learn about equipment, many climbing skills and rappelling.


You want to know more right!? Check out our tree climbing info page HERE.







Special Events, Large Groups and Parties
Start at $400 w/5 people


Birthday parties! Families! Large Groups! Corporate Outings! General Parties! Religious Groups! Scouts! Large Class! School Classes! We do it all.


All special events and large parties start at $400 and require five or more people. This includes:




Equipment and Lessons Combo $740


Want to learn how to climb and walk away with your own equipment? Don't know what equipment to buy and what specifications? Let us do that for you!

In this package you get a two day lesson and the equipment together at the end for less than you normally would. Learn how to climb using your own equipment and walk away with all the equipment you will need ready to climb more with your friends.






Solo Roped Climbing $200/person


Solo climbing is the purest, most natural form of rock climbing. While solo climbing, it's only you and the rock. It is also the most hazardous and dangerous form of rock climbing. It is always safer to climb with a partner. However if your adamant to learn solo climbing, better to learn properly and know your choices in equipent and systems.



Advanced Climbing (Sport Climbing) $200/person


Sport climbing is one of the most popular forms of rock climbing and offered at most climbing sites. You learn to lead the way for your party, clipping into pre-placed bolts on the way up. Intermediate climbing experience required.


North West Backpacking and Survival, 2 full days 1 night, $254/person


Want to get out into nature, but don’t have your own gear or don’t know how? We make it easy, fully supplied backpacking trips accompanied by one of our professional guides. Beginners and experienced backpackers alike can learn new skills. Learn about the equipment, survival skills and what you can eat in the wild. Come explore some of the most exceptional wilderness with us!



Explore Abandoned Mines in the Olympics Mountains $254/person


What can be better than backpacking? Maybe backpacking in a secluded pristine wilderness that leads to miles of old abandoned mines that lie under the Olympic Mountains. Mine exploration can be exhilarating and mystifying. You can see relics, artifacts and abandoned features of old.