AdventureTerra is an educational climbing guide service that offers unique experiences in Washington State. Our guides are all certified, and professional. Our goal is to bring new experiences and adventure to you in a fun, educational, and safe environment. Check out our reviews!!





"What a thrill! Matt was a very knowledgeable guide. Not only about tree climbing but also birds, nature and the region. He was very professional and worked with everyone in the group that went at different paces. The tree selection was fantastic. Highly recommend."  -Dustin (Trip Advisor)
"This is definitely one of those experiences you have to do. It’s new and different, but such a blast! Got a gorgeous view of the water from over 200ft up in the tree and was able to crawl on the branches for different views. It’s easier than it would seem but still a great workout. Go yourself or it’s even better with a significant other. If you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest this is a must do to really experience the gorgeous natural habitat we have here."  -Morgan L (Trip Advisor)

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